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Steven Universe Quotes

45 Top Steven Universe Quotes

Steven Universe Quotes are the quotes of an animated series which include the theme of love, love between people of all genders, family, and the importance of a healthy interpersonal relationship. 

Steven Universe is an American television animated cartoon series written by Rebecca Sugar for cartoon network. It was the first animated series on cartoon networks created solely by a woman.

 The main characters of Steven’s universe are Steven Universe, Garnet, Ruby, and Sapphire, Pearl. Amethyst. Other supporting characters are Greg Universe, Connie Maheswaran, Lars and Sadie, Rose quartz, Lapis lazuli, Peridot, Jasper, Bismuth, Lion, Spinal. Steven Universe Quotes will be based on the dialogues of these famous characters.

 Steven universe based on the story of young boy Steven, who lives with the crystals gems inherits his gemstone from his mother Rose Quartz, a former leader of crystal gem. She gave up her form to create Steven. Crystal gems are humanoid magical aliens which include Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. They live in an ancient beachside temple in the fictional town of beach city, Delmarva. 

Crystal gems are ageless alien warriors who protect humans from monsters and other threats. Steven explores the secret power of his gemstone by spending his days along the beachside with other crystal gems. He wants to know all these secrets to protect the earth from evil powers.

 Some Famous Steven Universe Quotes are:

1. “I’m sorry I mistreated you. I know you didn’t mean to hurt anyone- you’re just learning from the only role model you’ve got: me! I should’ve given you more of the love and kindness that you deserve. So…who wants a hug?” — Prickly Pair

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2. “I can’t believe we’ve come so far! Happily ever after, here we are!”  — Steven Universe

3. “Why aren’t my powers back? Aren’t I reliving every horrible thing that’s ever happened to me? A Gem I barely know is trying to kill me. I’m paying for stuff my Mom did that had nothing to do with me. I’m struggling with my powers. The worlds about to end! – What piece could I be missing? This is the story of my life!” — Steven Universe

4. “Garnet learned a valuable lesson that day: that true strength is about more than just how many mountains you can punch in half.” — Garnet’s Universe

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5. “I asked her about her hair, and then she asked how I colored mine. I told her, ‘My appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light.’ and she said, ‘I know how that is.”— Pearl, Last One Out of Beach City

6. “Earth is our home now. Isn’t it worth fighting for?” — Peridot, Raising the Barn

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7. “Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time” — Pearl

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8. “Love, at first sight, doesn’t exist. Love takes time and love takes work. At the very least you have to know the other person, and you have no idea who or what I am” — Episode ‘love letters’

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9. “Sleep is a curse, and yet a curse I need to live” —  Steven Universe, Chille Tid

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10. “There’s no such thing as happily ever after. I’ll always have more work to do…” — Steven Universe

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11. “Sadie…? Do you ever get lonely… even when you’re around people…?” — Lars Barriga, Island Adventure

12. “Crystal Gems don’t just fight Rock People. We are Rock People! Also, don’t say “Rock People”. It’s offensive.” — Rocknaldo

13. “My dreams… I was seeing through her eyes! I’ve been crying her tears!” — Steven’s Dream

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Steven Universe was the young and only male member of the crystal gems. He was a son of Rose quartz and Greg universe. He was the only hybrid of humans and a gem and the only member of crystal gem who was of human descend. As he inherits a gem from his mother so his heroism was based on feminine attributes like empathy, nurturing, etc. As a human being, he has some extraordinary powers that are beyond normal human beings. 

Like his mother, Steven also has inherited the ability to devote his life to the protection of human beings. Due to Steven, her mother ends works of the great diamond authority and Steven bears the results of his mother’s mistake. He continues to live his life with his own identity. 

However, he was holding all these feelings in his heart for a long time and it was transferred into a giant monster. But the love of Steven’s friends and family helps him to get out of it. 

Some of the Best Steven Universe quotes about his struggle and Steven Universe Change Your Mind Quotes of the series are:


14. “Hey, White. I know I was in there with you for a second, but I barely got to talk to you at all. There are so many Gems that are hurting right now. Even Blue and Yellow were hurting. You should hear what they have to say.” — Change Your Mind

15. “Don’t you raise your shield at me! I only want you to be yourself! If you can’t do that I’ll do it for you!” — White Diamond, Change Your Mind

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16. “Ya know, if you just let everyone be whoever they are, maybe you could let yourself be whoever you are, too.” — Change Your Mind

17. “I don’t need you to respect me, I respect me. I don’t need you to love me, I love me. But I want you to know you could know me if you change your mind.” — Steven Universe, Change Your Mind

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18. “White Diamond: No! You are Pink Diamond! That is Pink Diamond’s gem! You do not look like this, you do not sound like this, you are not half-human, you’re just…ACTING LIKE A CHILD! I am a child. What’s your excuse?” — Change Your Mind

19. “Because dad, I can’t stay a kid forever, when Connie grows up and becomes president what is that gonna make me? First Boy?!” — Steven’s Birthday

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20. “Lars… I’m afraid right now. I thought if I turned myself in, it’d fix everything, but… I don’t want to do this, Lars. I’ve been to space before, but not like this.” — Steven, Stuck Together

21. “Rose wanted- what about what I want? I’m sick of everyone lying to me! Rose is my mom, out of anyone, don’t I deserve to know the truth?!” — Steven’s Dream

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22. “I changed. That’s the final piece. All those struggles, I learned from them, and I grew! Oh my gosh! It’s not just my Gem powers I’ve forgotten! All this “Happily Ever After” stuff has made me forget the first power I ever had: the power to change!”Steven Universe


Garnet is the current leader of crystal gems. She was the defender of the earth from raising monsters. Garnet is the fusion of pair gems called Sapphire and Ruby. She was the epitome of their love.

Sapphire and Ruby, two smaller gems and are the component of Garnet. They both have different personalities and abilities. Sapphire is an emotionally reserved gem and can see the future, while Ruby has fire-related abilities.

Garnet is one of the last gem surviving on the earth with extremely stable fusion living a life full of love and peace. She has red garnet in her palm from which she draws her superpower.

 Garnet can see in the future from her third eye and this power comes to her from Sapphire. She is quiet and stoic with a strong personality. She is not as intelligent as Pearl but she is always in the first line when fighting to any dangerous situation.

Here are the Inspirational Steven Universe Quotes as well as Steven universe quotes about Garnet which will blow your mind:

23. “No one can see the future. I can see options and trajectories. Time is like a river… that splits into creeks, or pools into lakes, or careens down waterfalls. I have the map, and I steer the ship.” — Garnet “Future Vision”

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24. “Stevonnie, listen to me. You are not two people. And you are not one person. You are an experience! Make sure you’re a good experience. Now… Go!… Have!… Fun!” — Garnet, Alone Together

25. “For a fusion to work, there needs to be balance. An imbalance can cause your fusion to lose touch with reality, see things that aren’t there, and eventually fall apart.” — Garnet, Mindful Education

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26. “Garnet learned a valuable lesson that day: that true strength is about more than just how many mountains you can punch in half.” — Garnet’s Universe

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27. “But you didn’t mean to hurt him! I know what it’s like. Sometimes, you hurt people by accident. Y-you just have to try not to think about it.” —”Mindful Education”

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28. “Because the Earth is a place where we can be ourselves. We can live freely without having to hide who we are.” — Lars’ Head

29. “Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they’re a part of something bigger.” — Pearl, Keep Beach City Weird

30. “You’re the one good thing that came out of this mess, I always thought you were proud of that.” — Pearl, On the Run


Amethyst is the youngest member of crystal gem other than steven. She is one of the last gem created on the Earth as part of the Gem Homeworld’s “Kindergarten” project. She has his gem located on her chest and she is the shortest member of crystal gem fun-loving, full of laughter and carefree. Amethyst loves to eat and sleep, and she loves to see fights and conflicts between competitors such as Pearl and Greg while eating popcorn eagerly. She prefers to indulge Steven with her in different human activities as compared to other members of crystal gems.

Amethyst is vert trained and skilled whit her whip. She can throw it so far to trap his target. She is a girl full of fun with no goal of life but in Steven Universe Future she came to understand herself and found a goal of her life to helping other gems to find out their purpose by knowing and understanding them that what they want to do.

Some  Funny Steven Universe Quotes of Amethyst are given below that will make you happy by her childish and fun-loving nature:

31. “Hah…I know what’s wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be small. And everyone’s always acting like there’s no problem.” – Amethyst, Steven vs Amethyst

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33. “I will fight for the world I was made in! The Earth is everything I’ve ever known!” —We Are the Crystal Gems

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35. “I never asked for it to be this way, I never asked to be MADE!” — On The Run

36. “Don’t let anyone make you feel like garbage” —Tiger Millionaire

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Pearl is another main member of crystal gems. She is a girl with a slender thin build, a pointed nose, and a short-tempered mind.

 Pearl was the closest fellow of rose Quartzs that why she is the most motherly and protective of Steven as compared to other gems. She has a strong relation with rose quartz, which leads to long-lasting grief after her death. The most difficult part of her life was how to cope with this situation to come out of this emotional state.

She is a very intelligent girl, a perfectionist knowledgeable on a plethora that was helpful for the organization. Despite perfection, she suffers from low self-esteem. She was very dependent on friends that lead her to an inferiority complex. but later she finds her way to get out of all these problems.

Out of all the gems she was the only one that faces difficulty at adjusting on earth because she was unaware of human nature that’s why he insisted many times to leave earth. Despite all these, she devoted her life to protect the earth from evils.

 She is a girl with many unique abilities, like she is very skilled in using a sword, to control gem technology like gem warship, to drive a car, and to project holographic images from her gemstone which she used as a visual aid.

Now she teaches at Little Home school and helping other gems that how to interact with human beings. Some of the Steven Universe Quotes about Pearl and Steven Universe Quotes about Love are listed below:

37. “What do you know? You’ve never even met her.” — Pearl, Rose’s scabbard

38. “I will fight in the name of Rose Quartz, and everything that she believed in!” — We Are the Crystal Gems

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39. “People want to blame all the worlds problem on some single enemy, they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone’s control” — Pearl — keep beach city weird

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40. “We heard you like marriage, so we thought “Why don’t we all marry each other?” — Pearl, Gem Harvest

41. “You won, and she chose you, and she loved you and she’s gone!” — Pearl, Mr. Greg

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42. “I asked her about her hair, and then she asked how I colored mine. I told her, ‘My appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light.’ and she said, ‘I know how that is.” — Pearl, Last One Out of Beach City

43. “I am a Gem of many talents. A dedication to the fact is just one of them.” —Historical Friction

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44. “All that matters is that Steven is happy.” — Gem Glow                         

45. “Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they’re a part of something bigger.” — Pearl, Keep Beach City Weird

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These all are the Steven Universe Quotes. one can get inspiration, love, and a change in the mood while reading these steven universe quotes.

Connie Maheswaran and peridot also play an important character in the steven universe series. Connie is the best friend of the steven universe, intelligent and a lovely person. Steven has romantic feelings for Connie and when he proposed her, she refused by saying that they both are still teenagers, but this does not end their relationship. She inherits rose quartz sword, and that how she is accepted as a member of crystal gems. 

Steven universe quotes contain the message of love, care, and helping nature. Steven universe quotes are for the pleasure of people who love this cartoon series and admiring it. Here are some other members of crystal gems that play an important role in this series.

Peridot in the first, she appeared as a homeworld technician and a certified kindergartener. her appearance was a sign that crystal gems are under the threat from the homeworld. Later she declares that she is a member of crystal gem. Her gemstone is peridot on her forehead. She later discovered that she control metal objects telekinetically

These all were the members of crystal gems. Steven universe quotes contain the dialogue and sayings of crystal gems. every member has a different character and abilities. By using their power against the evil monsters they are fulfilling their duties to protect the earth.

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