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Kingdom Hearts Quotes

50+ Best Kingdom Hearts Quotes with Images

Kingdom Hearts Quotes are taken from the kingdom hearts video game series. It is a series of action role-playing games which is developed by Square Enix with the cooperation of Disney. It is produced under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura.

These series consist of mixture characters from Square Enix as well as Disney. There are some new characters produced and designed by Nomura. The center of this whole series is Sora, a 14 years young boy and his friends Riku and Kairi living peacefully in Destiny Islands. Their dream was to explore other worlds as well. The whole story is roaming about the Sora that how he protect other worlds from darkness. Kingdom hearts quotes contain the sayings of all the characters of this series.

Thousands of years ago there was only one kingdom i-e Kingdom Hearts, where people live peacefully. This piece was protected by the X-blade. Due to Keyblade was the X blade shatters and the real kingdom hearts destroy and one peaceful kingdom is divided into many.

Xehanort was a Keyblade master. His dream was to reclaim the lost entity of kingdom hearts and to recreate the X-blade and rule of the whole world according to his liking. After many years he came to know that an X-blade can be created when the heart of pure light collides with one of pure darkness. For this, he ripped his novice to create these opposing hearts to recreate the X-blade.

During this process, many new creations have come into form. Xemnas and Ansem The Heartless( seeker of darkness Xehanort’s heartless via terra Xehanort’s). These two evil power of darkness are trying to destroy as many worlds as possible.

 Ansem the heartless destroy the island of sora and turn some of the residents of island heartless. Sora and Riku somehow manage to save themselves while Kairi loses his hart in the process. Sora was aware of it and he ends up in a new world called transverse town by absorbing this loss and he somehow manages to get magical key-blade weapons, while unaware of this Riku leaves in search to save Kairi.

In transverse town, some iconic characters from The Final Fantasy Donald and goofy told him that he is the chosen ones by fate to save other worlds from the darkness with the help of this ancient weapon called key-blade. Here are some of the amazing kingdom hearts quotes, as well as Kingdom Heart 2 and Kingdom Heart 3 Quotes that will include love, inspiration, and friendship.

1.  “But no worries. Even if this place goes poof, our hearts ain’t goin’ nowhere. I’m sure we’ll find our pals again. Yup, I just know that we will.” — Goofy

2.  “By ourselves, we’re no one. It’s when other people look at us and see someone — that’s the moment we each start to exist. All they needed was for someone to see them, connect with them.” — Joshua

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3. “Behold the endless abyss! Within it lies the heart of all worlds: Kingdom Hearts! Look as hard as you are able. You’ll not find even the smallest glimmer of light. From those dark depths are all hearts born. Even yours. – Ansem

4. “Now, Sora, just remembers what Donald said to ya: no frowning, no sad faces.” – Goofy

5. He was the only one I liked. He made me feel… like I had a heart. Axel

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6. The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes. Awakening Voice

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7. Absurd. Defeating me is meaningless. You know that more than anyone, Cloud. No matter how many times I fall, Your darkness keeps calling me back! Sephiroth

8. He doesn’t have too. He just needs someone to surrond him with light. The darkness will be there , Sephiroth. But in a place you can’t reach! Tifa Lockhart

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9. “So you have come this far, and still, you understand nothing. Every light must fade, every heart returns to darkness! The Heartless have a great fear of the Keyblade. That’s why they’ll keep coming after you no matter what” – Leon

 10. “Strength of heart can carry you through the hardest of trials.” — Terra

11. “A window of opportunity can open and close in the blink of an eye. It’s whether or not you can jump on the chance when it arises that determines a man’s fate.” — Luxord

 12. “All my life, I’ve been protecting others. But now, there’s no one left to protect. Maybe it’s time I shaped my own story.” — Auron

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13. True… we don’t have hearts. But we remember what it was like. That’s what makes us special. We know all too well how to injure a heart. Saïx

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Kingdom Hearts Quotes about Friends:

Kingdom hearts will tell the story of the power of friendship that how Sora joined by his friends Donald and goofy is trying to protect the universe from evil and darkness called Heartless. It tells us that with the power of true friends nothing is impossible. Kingdom hearts quotes reveal what true friendship is about. Here are some magnificent kingdom hearts quotes about friends:

14. “The darkness may destroy my body, but it can’t touch my heart. My heart will stay with my friends. It’ll never die!” — Sora

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Sora’s heart lightened up with true friendship and no one has the power to destroy this strong web of friendship around his heart. Darkness can only attack his body but it will not affect his heart.

15.  “Although my heart may be weak, it’s not alone. It’s grown with each new experience. And it’s found a home with all the friends I’ve made. I’ve become a part of their hearts, just as they’ve become a part of mine. And if they think of me now and then, if they don’t forget me, then our hearts will be one. I don’t need a weapon. My friends are my power!” — Sora

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As kingdom hearts quotes are all about the true friendship of Sora and his friends. He was fighting with many things after the darkness of his island but his heart was filled with the love of his friends and that was his only power to fight will all this darkness.

 16. “It doesn’t matter what you wear. Only the heart that beats inside of ya!” — Donald and Goofy

As Donald and goofy were his true friend after the destruction of his Island, and Sora’s heart was special full of pure light so they both were trying to give hope and power to sora, so that he can feel that he is not alone they are with them.

17. “Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows; Starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky. One sky, one destiny.” — Kairi

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Kairi was one of the best friends of sora, and sora has some special feelings for Kairi, he cares for everyone but Kairi was the only girl who touched the surface of his heart.

 18. “We may never meet again, but we’ll never forget each other.” — Leon

Squall Leonhart was a leader of both the heartless Resistance and the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. After the destruction of his kingdom by heartless he changed his name to Leon as he commits a mistake. He was saying this to sora that we will never forget each other.

19. I’m not gonna betray Sora, either, ’cause he’s become one of my best buddies, after all, we’ve been through together! – Goofy

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Goofy was one of the best friends of sora in Disney world. He was with him in every difficult time and his true friendship was a power for sora to fight with darkness.


Inspirational Kingdom Hearts Quotes

Kingdom Hearts Quotes are full of inspiration and hope that how Sora gathers all these to fight against the darkness. The only motivation for him to do all these was the love of his friend that will blow his heart and passion for saving the world from darkness. Here are some of the best inspirational kingdom hearts quotes that are provoking and will motivate you.

20. “If you have a dream, don’t wait. Act. One of life’s little rules.” — Axel

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Axel, the flurry of dancing flames, is the Nobody of lea. He was a double agent in Castle Oblivion to keep an eye on the Marluxias plan. He has a friendship with Roxas and that’s why he was helping Sora to get back Roxas.

21. “We don’t hate it. It’s just kinda scary. But the world’s made of light and darkness. You can’t have one without the other, ’cause darkness is half of everything. Sorta makes ya wonder why we are scared of the dark.” — King Mickey Mouse

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King mickey is a kind ruler of Disney Castel and was a trained Keyblader under master Yen Sid. He has a good friendship with Sora and Riku. He was saying that although darkness looked scary both nothing exist without darkness, slight darkness also exists in good things.

22. “Strength of heart can carry you through the hardest of trials. – Terra

Terra is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He was an apprentice along with his friend Aqua under the supervision of Master Eraqus. His dream was to become a keyblade master. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus shared the best friendship trio like sora, Riku and Kairi

 23. “All my life, I’ve been protecting others. But now, there’s no one left to protect. Maybe it’s time I shaped my own story.” — Auron

Auron was originally from the Final Fantasy X. He has a very silent personality, he spoke words of wisdom. As a guardian, he devotes his whole life to protecting others without any concern of self-being.

24. “We can’t let fear stop us! I’m not afraid of the darkness!” — Riku

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This kingdom heart quote is about friendship. Riku was side by side to Sora in protecting the world from evil and darkness. They all friends were giving hope to each other to fight with difficult time and their friendship was the only power to fight with darkness according to Sora.


Kingdom Hearts Quotes about Love:

Kingdom hearts quotes are all about the love of Sora with Kairi, Mickey and Minnie, aqua and terra, and the love of the friends that they share. As Kairi is the love interest of Sora but their friendship is stronger than that. Sora, Kairi and Riku trio was the best match of true friendship. Kingdom hearts always emphasized the bond between the hearts, memorizing the old memories during the difficult times so that It gives you the power to fight with it, to stay united, and to make sacrifices for others selflessly. Some of the warmth kingdom hearts quotes about love are given below:

25. “Don’t ever forget. Wherever you go. I’m always with you.” — Kairi

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Kairi was the persona of Namine. She was born in a Radiant garden but now she was living in a destiny garden with his best friend Sora and Riku. As Kairi and sora share a very strong bond of love and friendship that’s why she told sora that I m always with you wherever you go.

26. “You deserve as much as I do to be your own person.” — Sora

This was said by sora to Kairi because sora was in love with Kairi and he wants to give everything that she deserves.

27. “Though the worlds may seem far apart and out of reach, they nonetheless remain connected by invisible ties. As do our hearts.” — Yen Sid

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Master yeh sid was a powerful sorcerer and a retired keyblade master. He has command over the arts of magic. He was renowned for his wisdom. Mickey mouse also learns keyblade from him.

28. “A scattered dream that’s like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that’s like a scattered dream. I wanna line the pieces up; yours and mine.” — Sora

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Kairi was the love interest of Sora and she was the princess of heart that holds no Darkness but only pure light. Sora came into know that he was in love with Sora at the end of the game before this he had only crush on Kairi and he didn’t understand the love because he was very young at that time.

29. “You said we’d meet again, but when we did, we might not recognize each other. I think I understand. I see myself the way you remember me. And you see yourself the way I remember you.” — Roxas

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Roxas was the Nobody of Sora. He was born when sora releases his own heart to save and restore the heart of Kairi. Although Roxas was the nobody he possesses real emotions due to Ventu’s heart that stay with him when they were separating to create Roxas.


Kingdom Hearts Quotes about Sora

Sora is the main protagonist and main character in kingdom hearts. He lived in destiny islands with his friend Riku and Kairi. He is the Keyblade wielder. Sora was the original persona of his own heartless and Roxas. He was chosen by fate to protect others from darkness. some of the best kingdom hearts quotes of Sora are given below:

30. Even if we’re apart, we’re not alone anymore – Sora

After the destruction of Destiny Island, Kairi loses her heart and unaware of his Riku was in search of Kairi. At that time sora was alone in Disney town so he said this as they are not together but their strong friendship connects them by their heart and they are not alone.

31. It doesn’t matter how much we see each other….but how much we think of each other – Sora

32. The heart may be weak. And sometimes it may even give in. But I’ve learned that deep down, there’s a light that never goes out! – Sora

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As the heart of Sora was full of pure light and there is a web of Riku and Kairi friendship around it so he says that I will never lose hope in any case I have the power of there two.

33. Kairi, remember what you said before? I’m always with you, too! I’ll come back to you. I promise! –Sora

Kairi and sora have a special bond between them and Kairi said this to sora one day and sora was just reminding her of the promise she made.

34. I’m not gonna give up now. I came here to find someone very important to me– Sora

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Sora was talking about Kairi and Riku. As they both were his friends and he can sacrifice everything for them.

35. You’re wrong! I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts… is light –Sora

Kingdom hearts quotes are all about pure light. Only a Keyblade that has pure light in his heart can open the door. Sora’s  Keyblade is light aligned Keyblade so he opens the door with the pure light of his heart to destiny island.

36. I know now I don’t need the Keyblade. I’ve got a better weapon. My heart – Sora

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Sora believes in the power of his friendship that was in his heart more than the keyblade. So that’s why he said that.


Kingdom Heart Riku Quotes

Riku is the real persona of his replica and pseudo-Ansem. He is from destiny island and a childhood friend of Sora and Kairi. He became the Keyblade master that has the power of light and darkness. Riku is always ready to sacrifice his life for his friends. He always has a jealousy factor regarding the influence of Maleficient on him. His jealousy increases when he knows that Sora owns the Keyblade. And after the new friends of Sora Donald and goofy he thought that he has been replaced. His jealousy leads to many fights between Sora and Riku throughout the kingdom hearts. But later Riku did many efforts to awaken the heartless Sora. Some amazing Riku Kingdom Heart quotes are:

37. If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They’ll remain a part of each other’s lives, no matter what. C’mon, I know you want to try it. – Riku

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38. There’s no turning back. But this may be our only chance. We can’t let fear stop us. I’m not afraid of the darkness! – Riku

This happens when Xehanort’s heartless and Riku opened their hearts for darkness. They both turn to darkness to gain power and it’s the thing that Xehanort’s mistook. Xehanort turns to darkness to gain power for the sake of having it but Riku did it because he wants the freedom to protect the things that matter for him and that was his friends.

39. Giving up already? Come on, Sora. I thought you were stronger than that. – Riku

40. It’s just… I’ve always wondered why we’re here on this island. If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one? And suppose there are other worlds… Then ours is just a little piece of something much greater. So we could have just as easily ended up somewhere else, right? – Riku

This was said by Riku to Sora and Kairi. As it was there dreamed to explore other places as well, and their dream came true when Ansem the heartless destroy their island.

41. Exactly. That’s why we need to go out there and find out. Just sitting here won’t change a thing. It’s the same old stuff. So let’s go – Riku

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Riku was a cool and calm teenager not afraid of anything. He can sacrifice everything for his friends. After the darkness on his island, unaware that Kairi loses his heart he left away in search of her.

42. Only the Keyblade master can open the secret door, and change the world– Riku

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As keyblade wielders are not only the wielders of the keyblade but key themselves and they have the power to open the secrete doors.


Funny Kingdom Hearts Quotes

Fun is the part of Disney world which also plays an important role in kingdom hearts. The funny character of Donald, goofy, and mickey put a smile on the face of people. Some of the Kingdom Hearts Funny Quotes are:

43. “We’re alive and we’re pirates!” — Donald Duck

44. “Gwarsh your majesty, I get bumped on the head all the time!” — Goofy

45. “If I had a heart, this would be where I would die of laughter.” — Saikusu

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46. “Who will I share ice cream with! — Roxas

47. My show now, Keyblade master! Who am I? Oh, my name’s Axel. Got it memorized? – Axel

kingdom hearts funny quotes


Kingdom Heart Kairi Quotes

She is the original persona of Namine. Although she was born in Radiant garden, she is living on Destiny Island along with his friends Sora and Riku. Kairi lost his heart when heartless attack their land. Later Riku finds her in a comatose state, and Sora sacrifices himself by using Keyblade of people’s heart to free Kairi’s heart. Here are some of Kairi kingdom hearts quotes given below:

48. This time, I’ll protect you! – Kairi

49. Take this. It’s my lucky charm. Be sure to bring it back to me, okay? – Kairi

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Thalassa shell is the lucky charm that brings luck to travelers. She gave it to Sora when after Sora rescues her in hollow Bastion. She gives her lucky charm to him by making a promise that he will return it to her thing things get settled.

50. I’m making a necklace of Thalassa shells. In the old days, sailors always wore Thalassa shells. They were supposed to ensure a safe voyage – Kairi

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Kairi is talking about her lucky charm. The Thalassa shell, it brings luck to travelers.

51. So, suppose you get to another world. What would you do there? Maybe… waiting isn’t good enough”  – Kairi


Kingdom Hearts Aqua Quotes

Master Aqua is one of the main protagonists in kingdom hearts. She is one of the best Keyblade wielders like Sora. Like Terra and Ventus, her dream was to become a Keyblade Master, and only her dream come true among these three. Aqua and Terra are the students of Master Eraqus and Ventus was given to him by Master Xehanort’s. She met Kairi in Radiant Garden where they both are attacked by Unversed. In this fight, Aqua came to know that she is the Princess of Heart. Later she gave her good luck charm to Kairi, which later brought Kairi to Destiny Island. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus make the best trio of friends. some of the best Aqua kingdom hearts quotes:

52. Oh yeah. Terra, you and I have our Mark of Mastery exams tomorrow. I made us good luck charms. Here!– Aqua

kingdom hearts aqua quotes

Aqua was talking about the mark of mastery exams. This test is for those with a strong heart that was chosen by the Keyblade to become Keyblade Masters. Master Eraqus chooses the only aqua as a Keyblade master because terra inner darkness emerges during the battel and master said terra to try harder next time.

53. I can’t help it. You two would make the weirdest brothers. – Aqua

54. A pure heart filled with light… It’s strange, the Master taught me darkness needs to be destroyed. But how, if not with light?– Aqua

kingdom hearts darkness quotes

This is about the discussion when the Master Eraqus does not choose him as a Keyblader because of his inner darkness. Master told him that he has to destroy his inner darkness and try better next time.

55. Of course. I would never let that happen. I promise you I will bring Terra back. Only this time, you’ll see he has what it takes to be a Master. He’s not as weak as you think.– Aqua

kingdom hearts 3 quotes

This was said by aqua when the realm of darkness was upon terra. Later he saved terra by sacrificing her Armor and Keyblade and sending him back in the realm of light while sending him back. In the realm of darkness, aqua was attacked by several giant heartless and she was saved by terra and Ventus’s Keyblades.

56. I sense light within this girl. You think that’s why they attacked her? – Aqua

He was talking about Kairi to master mickey. once unversed attacked on Kairi and aqua saved her. During this fight, she senses a pure light that she carried in her heart and he was saying to make that this is the reason unversed attacked her.

57. You’ve got strength in your heart, too. Never stop trying, and one day you might just become a true hero after all. Terra, you too. Keep fighting.– Aqua

kingdom hearts inspirational quotes

He said this to Hercules while leaving Olympus coliseum.

58. This boy looks so sincere—just like Terra. And this one—he’s the spitting image of Ven. One of you might be special enough. Hey, you two mind telling me your names? – Aqua

Aqua said this while meeting sora and Riku that they both are sincere like terra. He by pointing out sora said that he looks like ven. He had a good conversation with them.


There all are the Best Kingdom Hearts Quotes that reveal the true friendship between friends, their love, and the sacrifices they made to save each other. In the kingdom heart 3, there is a final battle between Sora and the guardian pf light with the master Xehanort, after he rescues Roxas, Xion, and terra and defeats the three main villains young Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas.

Master Xehanort’s kill Kairi in front of Sora and forges the x blade and open the world for darkness. This was until Eraqus appears, an old friend of Xehanort. Eraqus reminds the Xehanort about the chess matches they used to play in childhood.

After that Xehanort sees the power of light and entrusts the X-blade to Sora and his friends. Everyone was happy in the end but sora decides to strike out of Keyblade graveyard and go after Kairi.

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