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Eric Andre Quotes

Top 40 Eric Andre Quotes

Eric Andre quotes are full of hilarious jokes and you will not be able to stop laughing. He is a man with the humor that provokes laughing among the listeners. Eric Andre Quotes are famous among the fans of The Eric Andre Show.

Eric Andre was born in Boca Raton, Florida. He is a famous comedian as well as musician, actor, and producer. He is the creator and host of comedy series The Eric Andre Show, Premiered on Adult Swim in 2012.

Eric Andre played different roles in the movies like the role of mike on the FXX series Man Seeking Woman premiered in 2015. He voiced Azizi in the remake of The Lion King and Luci in the Netflix animated show Disenchantment. Some of the Best Eric Andre Quotes are given below:

1. I was a class clown since second grade.” – Eric Andre

2. I’ve never seen ‘The Goonies.’ I’ve never seen ‘Indiana Jones.’I watched ‘UHF’ over and over again when I was little, and that was it.I had no time for any other movies. I watched ‘Naked Gun,’ ‘UHF,’ and ‘Airplane!’over and over.” – Eric Andre

3. ABC is owned by Disney, so it’s a little more conservative than Adult Swim. Polar opposites.” – Eric Andre

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4. I used to be a Geico Caveman for live events. I was a corporate mascot. It was the silliest job. It was actually awesome and fun, but it was retarded.” – Eric Andre

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5. I want to be remembered for my poop jokes. Those are the most important kind.” – Eric Andre

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6. The Simpsons’ is like Charlie Parker or Marlon Brando or Richard Pryor: Comedy couldn’t go back to the way it was after ‘The Simpsons’ came out.” – Eric Andre

7. I like Velvet Underground, but I was never really hardcore into them. I like them, and I like Nico, but I won’t front like I’m super knowledgeable. I just never got around to it.” – Eric Andre

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Most Famous Eric Andre Show Quotes:

The Eric Andre Show is an American comedy series aired on May 20, 2012, which is hosted by comedian Eric Andre and co-hosted by Hannibal Buress, his fellow comedian.

This show consists of 40 episodes shown in a series of four seasons. Its theme is based on the parody of the 1990s culture and public access talk of low budged. Here some of the Famous Eric Andre Quotes in the show are given below:

8. Yo brotendo, do you mind if I bathe your wife?” – Eric Andre

9. “Hashtag real quick, you’re being a NARC right now, dude, straight up. You’re like ignoring me and eating Chipotle in my face and you know I’m on a hunger strike.” – Eric Andre

10. “ALL RIGHT! Tonight on the show, we got Sherman Hemsley! We got Leona Helmsley! We got Leona Lewis! We got Lewis Black! We got Jack Black! Frank Black! Frank Ocean! Ocean Philips! Philip Rivers! Rivers Cuomo!” – Eric Andre

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11. “Excuse me miss? Do you know where there’s a place juicy fruit candy land? Or poop poop squad fart town or something?” – Eric Andre

12. After you take a poo, do you take some of the turds out of the toilet with chopsticks and you try to put them back inside your body just in case you missed out on any nutrients?– Eric Andre

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13. “I’m addicted to cough syrup. I drink it.” – Eric Andre

14. “No disrespect, are you circumcised?” – Eric Andre

15. “What do you think people did before ladders?”  (Hannibal Buress)

16. “Hey, you ever, like, spray a little DNA on Lance Bass’ tramp stamp just to feel alive?” – Eric Andre

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17. “Get yourself together. Move to Philly. Buy a loft. Start a noise band. Get 6 or 7 roommates. Eat hummus with them. Book some gigs. Paint. Smoke cloves. Listen to Animal Collective. Start some type of salsa company.” – Eric Andre 

18. “When was the last time you ate? You’re looking a little bleak.” – Eric Andre

19. “What is this Mickey Mouse bullshit I see before my very eyes?” – Eric Andre 

20. “The band Led Zeppelin should rename themselves The Four Losers.” – Eric Andre

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21. “You’re the one M. Night Shyamalan movie that wasn’t a stinking pile of shit.” – Eric Andre

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22. “Do you know Margaret Thatcher had girl power? Do you think she effectively utilized girl power by effectively funneling money to illegal paramilitary death squads in Northern Ireland?” – Eric Andre

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Hilarious Eric Andre Show Funny Quotes:

The Eric Andre Show is an American comedy series. It was a point of criticism in the beginning but later the poop jokes of Andre and Buress to make it famous among the peoples.

This show consists of a parody of the 1990s culture and interviews with celebrities. This show was famous because of the insane jokes of Eric Andre and his fellow Hannibal Buress. Some of the funniest Eric Andre show quotes are given below:

23. You know something is a hit comedically if you can just call up one of your friends and belt out a line from the show and you both start laughing.” – Eric Andre

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24. “Like I said, a sketch is one joke. They shouldn’t really be more than a minute, two minutes. There are some shows where the sketch goes on for five minutes. It’s like, “I get it! I’m already bored. I did like the joke, but “I can’t remember my gmail password.” – Eric Andre

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25. I don’t anymore, because you went on too long.” – Eric Andre

26. If there’s an intelligence behind the joke – it’s a good joke. ” – Eric Andre

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27. Wonder Showzen is one of my favorite shows of all time. When I first saw it, I thought it was so funny and new and original and edgy and insane and subversive. I didn’t know comedy could do that.” – Eric Andre

28. You can make fun of your own a lot easier than someone else’s.” – Eric Andre

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29. “Turn that poop into wine! and L Ron Hoyabembe.” – Eric Andre

30. You seem chill as fuck. Whats your credit card number?” – Eric Andre

31. You see a lot of sketch variety shows where each segment is one joke that they repeat over and over and over again, and the sketches are always three or four minutes too long. ” – Eric Andre

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32. Wonder Showzen’ is one of my favorite shows of all time. When I first saw it, I thought it was so funny and new and original and edgy and insane and subversive. I didn’t know comedy could do that. It redefined what I thought you could do with a TV show.” – Eric Andre


Eric Andre legalized Ranch Quotes:

The legalized ranch was booked on the promotion of the fourth season of the Eric Andre show. This headquarter were stocked with free snakes, ranch fountain, free swag, etc. This headquarter was open to serve as the campaign for Andre’s current cause.

Some of the famous Eric Andre quotes and Eric Andre legalized ranch quotes are listed below:

33. No disrespect, do you squirt? I’m not trying to drain your meat flaps I’m just hashtag asking.” – Eric Andre

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34. Wanna come nail some cherokee chicks on the trail of beers.– Eric Andre

35. You’re being so narcoleptic right now.– Eric Andre

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36. “Are you a chomo? Did you listen to the new jerry sandusky CD?” – Eric Andre

37. Wanna go bang some Cherokee chicks on the trail of beers?” – Eric Andre

38. Buzz me, mello. Oh, it’s Djimon Hounsou!” – Eric Andre


Most Famous Hannibal Quotes in Eric Andre Show :

Eric Andre’s show is hosted by Eric Andre and his comedian fellow Hannibal Buress. Hannibal Buress is an American actor, comedian, and producer. He did his first stand-up comedy album My Name is Hannibal, released on July 27, 2010.

The Eric Andre Show was famous because of absurdist comedy and poop jokes about Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress. Some of the Best Hannibal Buress Quotes are given below:

39. I went to Toronto, I went to Atlanta, I used to drink Pepsi but now I like Fanta.– Hannibal

40. Let’s give it up for Hannibal Burgers everybody.– Hannibal

41. You know what? You’re saying some mean things about me, but I believe in myself. And my momma taught me to have confidence, and my brothers taught me how to fight… And also, you a bitch ass nigga.– Hannibal

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42. Leave the kids at home and the wife in the morgue, it’s dudes night! – Hannibal

43. Hannibal Burress is my polar opposite in energy. I can be crazy, and he grounds the ‘Eric Andre Show.– Hannibal

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44. Do you think [Margaret Thatcher] effectively utilized girl power by funneling money into illegal paramilitary death squads in Northern Ireland?– Hannibal

There all are the famous Eric Andre quotes listed above. Eric Andre Quotes are full of funny poop jokes about Andre. Eric Andre is a man with an amazing sense of humor. He has the inbuilt quality by nature to entertain depressed people with his poop jokes. He dated actress Rosario Dawson. Eric Andre also releases two albums Blarf and ceases and desist. He is a multi-talented man with many qualities. 

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